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Professional videos with a personal touch

Visual Storytellers for Every Occasion

The beauty of professionally-made video is that it captures everything.

It captures the colours, the sounds and the sights. It records the timeless memories, the uncontrolled laughter, and the happy tears. It gets all the personalities, all the smiles and all the wonderful moments that make our special occasions so full of life.

Simply put, professional video tells stories like no other format can.

At Nick Hill Productions, we’ve built our professional videography business on our joint passion and experience in video production, creating a service that goes above and beyond to capture your occasions as they’re meant to be remembered. We put our all into every frame on every job, bringing the best out of every event to create memories that last.


It’s not just about what we can do though, it’s about how we do it. Our friendly, approachable and professional team of videographers know that you’ll have an idea of how you want your events to be recorded. It’s their job to take your vision and turn it into a reality, to collaborate with you on every project until they get it perfect according to you, the client. Their talent is at your disposal.


We’ll tackle any subject matter you want us to. From weddings to performances, business conferences to real estate marketing campaigns, debutante balls, we’re available to make you, your families, your business and your products shine on camera.

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