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Professional videos with a personal touch

About live event videos

Visual storytelling content for live events is marketing gold for organisers, agencies and artists.


Professionally done, high-quality video work can be used to advertise your brand, promote upcoming shows, drive engagement on social media channels and much, much more.

But videography for live events is a specialist field. There’s a lot to take in - the sound, the lighting, the wide angles of the crowd – and you need to get it all right there and then. There’s no room for mistakes - that’s why 

you should always turn to the experts for recording your gig, play or performance.

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At Nick Hill Productions, we’ve got the experience and the video savvy to capture your live event in all its glory, leaving nothing to chance and making sure we get all the best bits on camera. We’ll provide all of our own equipment, including microphones and camera rigs, and we’ll work with you to establish how you want your event to look on screen.


Our collaborative approach means we’ll always push towards your vision, taking into consideration your specifications at every step of production.

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We’re the visual storytellers you need to capture everything that stands out about your live event. Talk to us today and we’ll run you through how we work.


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