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The Yolloyds

Rob & Caitlin Yolloyds Wedding Highlights
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I had worked professionally with Nick on a number of projects; he was a crew member of my Channel 31 show Live on Bowen, and he also filmed a couple of my live comedy shows. From watching the footage from other events he had filmed I knew that Nick Hill Productions would be perfect to capture our very unique wedding.

Working with Nick

Basically our wedding was divided into four clear stages: 

  • The Pre-Wedding Preparation. 

  • The Ceremony. 

  • The Reception. 

  • The Final Concert.

My wife Caitlin and I had very specific ideas for our wedding and in turn how we wanted our wedding filmed. We didn’t want it to feel too ‘generic’ like a lot of wedding video footage we had watched. We also wanted to capture the fun and silliness of us as a couple and our friends in the wedding party. 

From watching Nick’s previous work we knew he could caterer to our needs and make our footage truly unique for us.

Our specific requests included:

  • Caitlin and I are huge fans of the comedy shows The Office and Park & Recreation, so we definitely wanted to have a ‘direct to camera’ section to our footage as seen in those shows. This would involve members of the Wedding Party being interviewed and would speak directly to camera. 


  • At the end of whole day, we wanted to finish with a ‘concert’ with friends and members of our families getting the opportunity to perform. We had both our fathers sing and we had friends present improvised scenes, comedy sketches and scenes involving puppets.  

Caitlin and I definitely wanted the entire concert filmed and Nick was more than happy to accommodate. 


Nick Hill Productions captured our special day absolutely beautifully, he was able to present our balance of humour, romance and friendship. 

Nick was also very receptive and open-minded, he was patient and understanding. On the day he was completely professional and was always in good spirits and had an excellent humour about him. 

I cannot recommend Nick Hill Productions highly enough. 

- Rob Lloyd

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